Commercial Loan Short Sale and Real Estate Investments

A commercial loan short sale is often used as a last resort by borrowers who want to avoid the foreclosure of their properties. Lenders may forgive part of the debt in this process because this is preferable to holding a property that may be difficult to sell after spending so much on the foreclosure proceedings. Meanwhile, for real estate investors, this represents an opportunity to buy properties at reduced prices and then make a profit by reselling them.When there are no other options left for the borrower or lender for avoiding this much dreaded occurrence, the property can be sold to interested buyers. The proceeds of the transaction usually fall short of the outstanding balance but the lender often accepts the moderate loss rather than force the borrower into foreclosure, which is usually expensive and time-consuming. And at the end, the lender may end up in possession of an asset that is difficult to sell as a consequence of the increased availability commercial properties for sale. On the part of the borrower, the commercial loan short sale allows him or her to avoid a substantially reduced credit score, which would be detrimental for future finances because it would be very difficult to get a loan.For real estate investors, a commercial loan short sale is good news. Since these properties are sold at discounted prices, this may be a way to make good profit. These investors usually find good deals on foreclosure listings on the Internet or on newspapers but a short sale is even better since these assets are sold at cheaper prices. To find such opportunities, they can speak to property managers or find borrowers who are in trouble with their lenders. Or they can also to lenders to find out if there are any borrowers who are in trouble with their mortgages.

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