Information About Fashion Design Drawing

Fashion design is the talent of applying design to body shapes in order to come up with fashionable clothing. For you to succeed in the world of fashion and design you must be able to do sketches and drawings. These are the ones which give you a rough idea about how the end product will look like. If you need to learn how to do fashion design drawing, you may need to start at the lowest level in order to build your skill from there. Starting from the lowest level will give you the confidence required for you to make it in this industry. In fact, you can come up with your own ideas and put them down as drawings or sketches

Most of the people, who consider themselves poor drawers, end up being the best in fashion design. If you are interested in fashion design, you can join a college or institution which offers fashion design as a course and pick it from there. Drawing is important when it comes to this industry; however even with basic knowledge on drawing you can make it. The following are some of the tips to use if you want to succeed in fashion design.

• Learn how to draw.

Drawing is important in fashion design because it is the only medium you have to express the ideas you have in your mind. Without it, you will have problems explaining to people what you want to make for them. Where there are no sketches, it will be hard for you to make your client understand what you intend to do. The good thing is that, you do not need to be a good artist; taking basic lessons on how to do sketches is all that you need.

• Get yourself a good sewing machine.

After getting knowledge on how to sketch, you will need to buy a sewing machine to help you stitch your clothes. You may need to go for a refresher course in order to sharpen your sewing skills. That will also bring you up to speed with the various sewing patterns which are prevalent in the fashion world. Getting a refresher course will also create an opportunity for you to remind yourself how to do hand sewing. Remember that you will need all these skills during your fashion career.

• Consider the purpose of the clothes you design.

It is important to note that when designing a gown for instance, you must have in mind its purpose. For instance, you cannot design an evening wear the same way you would design clothes to be worn in a funeral. Since the two have different purposes, they will have to be designed differently. It is also important for you to think about how much a particular dress will cost you to make. You must put into consideration the price of the material to be used and how much of it will be required. That will give you a rough idea of how much the overall cost will be.

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Using a Digital Still Camera to Cover TV News

CNN SF uses a Sony digital camera to capture courtroom art for video editing of daily reports on the Scott Peterson murder trial going on in Redwood City, CA. The use of a digital camera simplifies the capture process and speeds up the editing of news segments for staff editors.For many years whenever there was a trial in which the TV cameras were excluded from the courtroom the TV folks have had to rely on the courtroom artists to get their images of the drama taking place inside. Each metropolitan area usually has one or more artists that specialize in this type of art. The styles of the artists vary from charcoal based art to pencil art to pencil and water color art renditions of the lawyers, judges and defendants in the case. Vickie Behrenger is a long time courtroom artist in Northern California. For the Peterson case she is providing court art to wide number of media outlets ranging from CNN to local news affiliates.The way it works is that the artist sketches away during court and when there is a break they run outside and as quickly as they can they finish up 1 or more pieces of court room art for the media cameras. You have to be good at drawing people in a hurry and you have to be good under pressure. Over the last 20 years or more TV cameramen would anxiously wait for the art to get posted on the wall outside the courthouse so they could shoot it on tape for their stories.The trick to making it interesting for the folks at home is to take a variety of shots of the same piece of art, utilizing zooms and pans to create the illusion of motion. We would invariably spend ten minutes shooting one piece of art in a painstaking effort to give the editor enough to work with in the edit room.Now through the use of digital cameras it is possible to integrate digital images with video images to help speed up the process, make the storage and archiving easier, and give the editor complete creative control.CNN has been covering the Scott Peterson murder trial since the story first began and they discovered that using the Sony Mavica MVC-CD500 camera they could make the process of capturing these images more efficient every day. When art is posted by the courtroom artist Vickie Behrenger outside the court house in Redwood City, CA the CNN editor or cameraman can walk up and snap a couple of images on the digital camera and walk away within a minute.Then the digital images are downloaded into the computer in the CNN workspace across the street. CNN edits their daily stories on a Mac G4 Powerbook using Final Cut Pro 4 software. Once the digital court room art images are imported into the software the editor can then use the power of the software to crop, zoom, pan, or shrink the image as they see fit to work into the script of the story. This is a very effective method of bringing these images into system. At the end of the day the images can be archived onto DVD for storage and easy retrieval for stories in the future.The Sony Mavica is easy enough to use that any member of the news staff on location can be called upon to capture the images when they become available. “We have almost no trouble getting these images from raw art to edited video in a very quick fashion. Then to be able to store them on DVD makes our library retrieval so much easier.” Says Jeff

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